For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. With Mandy Moore, Shane West, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah. Others might close the book and think the entire novel was believable … up until that point. But strangely, I couldn’t do it. She took care of her widowed father, rescued hurt animals, and helped out at the local orphanage. Like Jamie, my sister met someone. Landon would never have dreamed of it. There are a number of things that I have to explain before I get into the answer so you can understand my reasoning. Stream - online anschauen Links zu streamen "A Walk on the Moon (1999)": Suche stream und downloaden A Walk on the Moon (1999) im VidCloud: Suche stream und downloaden A Walk on the Moon (1999) im StreamCloud: Suche stream und downloaden A Walk on the Moon (1999) im VodLocker: Suche stream und downloaden A Walk on the Moon (1999) im OpenLoad: Suche Eng stream und downloaden A Walk … Isn’t it said that good books inspire debate? Either the miracle was that Jamie lived (if that was the ending you imagined), or that Landon had experienced the miracle of first love and it had redeemed him (if you imagined that Jamie died). And like Landon, there was a long period of time when this fellow couldn’t imagine himself marrying a girl like her. | A quiet girl who always carried a Bible with her schoolbooks, Jamie seemed content living in a world apart from the other teens. | Because by that time, I’d grown to love Jamie Sullivan. Sie können Nur mit Dir - A Walk to Remember ganzer film durch Kabelfernsehen oder in den Deutsch / Schweizer (Switzerland) Kinos mit ursprünglichem Audio online gucken, in Englisch, in mit Untertiteln versehenem und in betitelt in Deutschen zu den verschiedenen Zeiten . If you wanted Jamie to live, she lived. It was also the only novel that made me cry while writing. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi. At least, I hoped so. In the last shot from the front she has the book in her right hand and gives it to Landon. I’m getting close to figuring out the story and hope to write it sometime in the next couple of years (although I’ve been saying that for a few years). Jessica Simpson was considered for the role of Jamie Sullivan. I didn’t want her to die, and couldn’t write those words. I enjoyed the process of capturing the voice of a smart-alecky 17-year-old kid. I never answered that directly, but I thought he did. You cannot see it but you can always feel it.”, “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”, “I held her close to me with my eyes closed, wondering if anything in my life had ever been this perfect and knowing at the same time that it hadn’t. Being with Jamie would show him the depths of the human heart and lead him to a decision so stunning it would send him irrevocably on the road to manhood…, “There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.”, “It wasn’t that long, and it certainly wasn’t the kind of kiss you see in movies these days, but it was wonderful in its own way, and all I can remember about the moment is that when our lips touched, I knew the memory would last forever.”, “Love is like the wind. View production, box office, & company info, Nicholas Sparks (novel), If you knew that Jamie would die, she died. It came from the book. Really furious. Variety I marveled at her strength and faith, and I was proud of everything for which she stood. It was just about the sweetest thing that’s ever been done for anyone, and I suppose I wrote this novel not only so that you could get to know my sister, but so that you would know what a wonderful thing it was that her husband once did for her. As soon as I wrote those words, I knew that was the title. Intense, with the intensity of the teenager heart. So what was I to do? Nur mit dir (2002) HD Stream » … It’s tricky, though, for the simple reason that I have to be true to both the novel and the film, which isn’t an easy thing to do. $12,177,488 I was in love, and the feeling was even more wonderful than I ever imagined it could be.”, “Jamie saved my life. | My sister. Nowadays, Beaufort is known as a summer retreat, where visitors and resident alike can enjoy the shopping and dining on the waterfront district, or take ferries to nearby Cape Lookout, Shackleford Banks, or Carrot Island, where wild horses roam free. I can say however, that A Walk to Remember was my favorite novel to write.   |  I could imagine some readers reaching the end and thinking, if that was the case, why the big build-up with her sickness? No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t. But our love is like the wind. Like Jamie, my sister loved church. A clear reading of the novel should provide an answer, but it’s essentially because Hegbert had begun to see positive changes in Landon’s character and knew that it was important to Jamie. Like Jamie, my sister wasn’t popular at school. No further action is required. That’s the ending, folks. In a nutshell, while many readers loved the ending of that novel, a great many were furious with me for it. He has seventeen published novels as of September 2013 plus one non-fiction. Nur mit Dir - A Walk to Remember stream Deutsch Nur mit Dir - A Walk to Remember ist ein Drama aus dem Jahr 2002 von Adam Shankman mit Daryl Hannah, Peter Coyote und Shane West. Landon is a typical teenage boy, and at one time, I was one of those as well, so I could relate to what he was thinking. Eight have been adapted to films, including: Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John, The Last Song, The Lucky One, Safe Haven, and most recently The Longest Ride. It was edited out because it was too depressing. When Jamie is in the hospital and is giving Landon her mother's quote book, in the first shot from the front she first reaches for it with her right hand. You have successfully joined Nicholas's private mailing list and will receive an email confirmation shortly. He even swore that he had once been in love. This was on my mind while writing Walk, and part of me thought that if I killed off another major character, my readers would never forgive me. Subscribers to Nicholas's private mailing list receive email updates about his upcoming projects, events, and other newsworthy items. As to whether she actually lived or died, it’s ambiguous and purposely meant to be that way. Als er bei einem Unfall einen Schulkameraden schwer verletzt, soll der aus bestem Hause stammende Draufgänger und Schul-Casanova Landon Carter (Shane West aus "Ran an die Braut") unter anderem durch die zwangsverordnete Teilnahme am unbeliebten High … It’s like trying to choose between my children, and all I can say is that I like them all for different reasons. Die US-Serie „Riverdale“ spielt in der Gegenwart und ist eine moderne Interpretation der Archie Comics. I wanted readers to finish with the hope that Jamie lived. Oh, I don’t know. Hegbert had a problem with the way Landon’s grandfather had accumulated his wealth, and Landon himself is sort of aimless. Like Jamie, all my sister wanted in life was to get married. Directed by Adam Shankman. The official website of Nicholas Sparks, American novelist, screenwriter and producer. Yet, plainly I couldn’t let her live, either. As for me (and I’m not the final say—I wrote the characters, but readers know them just as well as I do), I thought there was a good chance that Jamie lived. Screen Rant An educational edition was published under the Novel Learning SeriesTM banner. Muchas gracias por permitirme haberla visto una vez más I’ll always miss her. But the funny thing is, despite what people read in the newspapers, I think most teenagers have pretty good hearts. Denn unter der heilen Fassade kann es ganz schön merkwürdig und düster zugehen. Established in 1709 as a trade and customs port, Beaufort is the third oldest town in the state and is steeped in colonial charm. Likewise with Jamie Sullivan. 101 min Eight have been adapted to films, including: Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John, The Last Song, The Lucky One, Safe Haven, and most recently The Longest Ride. PG No boy had ever asked her out. More information can be found out by visiting the Novel Learning Series section of this site. A Walk to Remember, which co-stars Daryl Hannah, is the second of Sparks's novels to make it to the big screen after Message in a Bottle (1999). Drama, Romance. Every page, every scene, every chapter was written with that idea and it continued to proceed that way right up until the end of the novel, when the time came to write those words. Certainly the last person in town he thought he’d fall for was Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of the town’s Baptist minister. There was something intrinsically sweet about her character that gradually seemed to take over the book. She taught me everything. Quiet and quaint, historic Beaufort provides the ideal setting for A Walk to Remember, and The Choice.


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