Marital Status Brown Despite this, Gordon cuffed Alice in order to bring her into custody. She did not reciprocate, as she was in a relationship with Billy, and considered Jervis more of a "nice coworker". He started removing blood from her system and stored them in needles, and made a threat that if she ever left him again he would put it in the city's water supply and endanger innocent people. Alice Tetch/Jervis Tetch; Alice Tetch; Jervis Tetch; Summary. When arriving in Gotham and performing his hypnotic acts, he wore a black suit and black hat, with a bow tie. Characteristics But he subsequently slit her throat and killed her. Ken Woodruff Gotham is an American crime television series developed by Bruno Heller, based on characters appearing in and published by DC Comics in their Batman franchise, primarily those of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. Jervis proposed using his new mind control technology on her, but decided against it, figuring that would make her an ipso factoslave of his. Alice Tetch The blood induces psychosis in anyone who is infected by it, however later it’s effects were enhanced by Hugo strange ordered by the Court of Owls. She got a job working in a bar, but after cutting herself by accident and spilling blood on the counter, she grew scared of the consequences of what her blood could do and proceeded to burn down the bar. After her escape, Alice along with some of the other Indian Hill 'monsters' worked for Fish Mooney in her gang, but she later left the group after a couple of days. She tried to get away again, which led to her accidentally falling off a ledge and being impaled on a pole, resulting in instant death. After escaping Arkham Asylum, he upgraded his outfit to a lighter coloured coat, but k… Relatives She lost her parents at a young age and was taken care of by Jervis. Alignment A… Alice Tetch è stata un'ex residente di Indian Hill e sorella di Jervis Tetch, da cui cercò disperatamente di scappare. Gordon and Harvey Bullock tracked them down, but Alice accidentally fell onto a spike while trying to get away from Jervis, dying.[2]. He took her out on a date, and managed to impress her. [5], It would later transpire that Jervis used Alice's blood to infect Mario Calvi, resulting in him turning darker and trying to kill his new wife Leslie Thompkins, only for Gordon being forced to shoot and kill Calvi. After that, she got a job bartending until she had to burn the bar down after cutting herself by accident and releasing her blood over the bar. 1. After her demise, the Court of Owls used her blood in a plot to destroy Gotham. Gender At her apartment, Alice's angry landlord forced his way in and accused Alice of trying to cheat him and lie to him when it came to paying her rent. When Billy broke up with her after a fight, Tetch made his move. He plotted to used it on the powerful citizens of Gotham at the Gotham Founders' Dinner that Mayor Oswald Cobblepot, the archbishop, the comptroller, and the rest of Gotham City's elite were attending. At that moment Jervis arrived at the GCPD precinct along with his brainwashed henchmen "The Tweeds" to kidnap her. Creators He accidentally fell off the ledge, but managed to hold on and Alice helped him up. Jervis Tetch (brother), Unnamed mother (deceased), Unnamed father (deceased) Jervis managed to make his escape with Alice, who was carried away by one of the Tweeds. The series stars Ben McKenzie as the young Gordon while Heller executive produces along with Danny Cannon, who also directed the pilot. On the roof of the club known as The Sirens, Jervis was in the process of getting a hypnotized Gordon to commit suicide. Alice Tetch was the sister of Jervis Tetch. Alice went missing in Gotham City, when she ended up being held at the Indian Hill facility underneath Arkham Asylum along with other inmates experimented on by Professor Hugo Strange. Alice's blood was infectious, enhancing people's true desires if they were to come into contact with it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. First Appearance Occupation Bounty hunter James Gordontracked Alice down, revealing that Jervis was looking for her. Identity Formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Bounty hunter James Gordon tracked Alice down, revealing that Jervis was looking for her. Origin Bounty Hunter Jim Gordon tracked Alice down to her apartment as he was hired by her brother who was eagerly looking for her. Formerly bar tender American As Gordon stood on the edge, Alice confronted her brother with a gun pointed at him.


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