The series is a sequel as it takes place after the events of the film and uses traditional hand-drawn animation. Hiro and Baymax go after Trina, while everyone else and the police go after the Buddy Guardians. The series is based on Disney's 2014 film Big Hero 6, which itself is loosely based on the comic book series Big Hero 6 published by Marvel Comics. 45 minutes This is the first episode since Season 1 finale ". TV series: Professor Granville • Obake • Baron Von Steamer • Karmi • High Voltage • Richardson Mole • Globby • Felony Carl • Momakase • Mad Jacks • Mini-Max • Mr. Sparkles • Wendy Wower • Trevor Trengrove • Noodle Burger Boy • Lenore Shimamoto • Trina • Liv Amara • Di Amara • Orso Knox • Megan Cruz • Chief Cruz • Chris • AC and DC • Nega-Globby • Mayoi • Supersonic Sue • Hardlight • Roddy Blair Written by The Megabots cling onto the Buddy Guardians and replace the Obake chips with the healthcare chips, turning them benevolent and helping the civilians instead. Directed by Cruz's father was able to save his son but was killed while trying to protect him. "The Hyper-Potamus Pizza-Party-Torium" Directed by Ben Juwono, Stephen Heneveld, Kenji Ono. Firework: Happily Ever After • Wonderful World of Animation Legacies Despite Hiro assuring the team he and Baymax are coming to help, the team warns him to stay clear of their predicament and go after Obake. Megan's full name and birthday are revealed in the episode. With Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Brooks Wheelan, Jamie Chung. Big Hero 6 retreats before Chief Cruz can capture them; El Fuego becomes irked of being left behind. "The Hyper-Potamus Pizza-Party-Torium". Hiro starts reasoning with Cruz, but a desperate Cruz begs for Big Hero 6's help as Trina has kidnapped Megan. Episodes Season Three: "The Hyper-Potamus Pizza-Party-Torium" • "Mayor for a Day/The Dog Craze of Summer" • "Trading Chips/Mini Noodle Burger Max" • "A Friendly Face/Big Chibi 6" • "Cobra and Mongoose/Better Off Fred" • "Big Hero Battle/Go Go the Woweroo" • "The New Nega-Globby/De-Based". Deleted: The Fujitas, Season One: "Baymax Returns" • "Issue 188" • "Big Roommates 2" • "Fred's Bro-Tillion" • "Food Fight" • "Muirahara Woods" • "Failure Mode" • "Aunt Cass Goes Out" • "The Impatient Patient" • "Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle" • "Killer App" • "Small Hiro One" • "Kentucky Kaiju" • "Rivalry Weak" • "Fan Friction" • "Mini-Max" • "Big Hero 7" • "Big Problem" • "Steamer's Revenge" • "The Bot Fighter" • "Obake Yashiki" • "Countdown to Catastrophe" Fred thanks the Buddy Guardians, but the other two robots move in on them. Another Buddy Guardian tries to intercept them, but Go Go picks them up on her disc. Big Hero 6 and Globby track Trina down. It premiered with a 43-min… Megan Cruz is a character who appears in Big Hero 6: The Series. Big Hero 6: The Series is an American superhero comedy animated television series, produced by Disney Television Animation and developed by Buzz Lightyear of Star Command & Kim Possible creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley. Before he can unmask Fred, Megan interrupts and starts arguing with Cruz over his behavior, with Cruz furiously grounding Megan for disobeying his orders to go home. Storyboards by Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hiro attaches Noodle Burger Boy to Baymax's Jet Pack with electromagnetic lashes, which flies him into the sky, isolating him from Trina and leaving his fate unknown. An enraged Trina fires at Hiro who is protected by Baymax, but knocks Baymax over and Hiro holds on the ledge. During the ceremony, Hiro presents his speech: a legacy is not only about being remembered but also about the things important to the person living on in people who loved them, including helping others. With the battle won, Cruz officially repeals the fugitive status of Big Hero 6 and Globby. Cruz and the police confront Trina. Chief Cruz appears on a helicopter and introduces the robots courtesy of Krei Tech. Before Hiro joined the SFIT, Karmi was the youngest student to attend it. "Legacies" is the two-part season two finale of Big Hero 6: The Series. Storyboards by Krei refuses to tell Hiro where the Buddy Guardians came from, other than they were from his "secret division", so Hiro calls in Megan Cruz for a closer look at the Buddy Guardians. However, Noodle Burger Boy escapes to Trina and the other Buddy Guardians. Boss Awesomeshowed up at the scene too late, and because of this, Diego developed a hatred toward superheroes. At SFPD, Cruz rounds up the team and prepares to unmask the heroes. Afterward, at SFPD where the rest of Big Hero 6 is, "Cruz" tells Detective Kato the heroes are free to go. Though Trina insists her revolution will succeed regardless of Hiro's efforts, Hiro activates a neurotransmitter incorporated into his helmet; as Mega-Max lands behind Trina, its legs open up to release an army of Megabots carrying healthcare chips.


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