How many people visited Disney World its first year in operation? Ans- Monsieur D’ Arque who was the proprietor of the asylum in Beauty & the Beast. Which two dwarves in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves had the same voice? The Ultimate Aladdin Songs Quiz! ... Das magische Disney-Quiz 17.06.2020 Q. Q. Which princess is known for wearing a green dress? When does Mary Poppins say she will leave the Banks’ house? Wie heißt das kleine Kind von Monster AG? Q. Q. Q. Which actor supplied the voice of Mushu in Mulan? Das Brechen der Regeln kann zu Konsequenzen führen. Q. How many branches are in the Swiss Family Tree House tree? Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Which princess has a raccoon for a sidekick? Q. What animal does the sultan’s throne resemble in Aladdin? Q. Wie heißt das Kind von Simba (König der Löwen)? Q. Ans- Rapunzel can heal using her magic hair. It closed in 1999 for Hurricane Floyd, 9/11/01 due to the terrorist attacks and EPCOT closed on 7/7/02 due to a power outage. Ans- Grumpy and Sleepy were both voiced by Pinto Colvig, who also voices Goofy. Q. Cruella de Vil is the villain in which Disney movie? Where in Walt Disney World can you find the Roaring Fork, and what is it? Which Disney movie was only released in 14 theaters worldwide? Q. What actor was the first to receive a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for providing a voice in a Disney Full Length Feature Animation? Q. What animal is found at the end of Mary Poppins’ umbrella? Q. In what full length animated feature would you find a villain named Sykes? Q. Mehr über Disney Die Walt Disney Company, meist einfach nur unter dem Namen Disney bekannt, ist ein US- amerikanischer […] Ultimate Secret Life of Pets Quiz. What was the last Disney movie officially overseen by Walt Disney? What is the name of the Hall in Walt Disney World where the Hoop-Dee-Doo Dinner Show is held? Snow. Q. In Lady & the Tramp, by what name did Tony call Tramp? Where in WDW can you find the Neverland Club for kids? Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Who was the first Disney princess? Q. Ans- Magic Kingdom can accommodate up to 100,000 people. What town is Main Street USA modeled after? Main Street USA; New Orleans Square; Mickey’s Toontown; and Tomorrowland. Who hosted the grand opening ceremony for MGM Studios? Q. Q. Which Disney princess makes a surprise appearance in the Hunchback of Notre Dame? The Disney Character Colour Test! 8500 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048, 1275+ TV Quiz Questions And Answers 2020 [Television Trivia], Best 125+ Tie Breaker Questions (With Answers) 2020, Top 15 Best Things To Do In Bangalore 2021, Top 15 Best Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand) 2021, Top 14 Best Things To Do In Bali (Indonesia) 2021, Top 15 Best Things To Do In Singapore 2021. Q. Q. Obiettivo del Quiz I primi film della Disney sono stati proiettati nel lontano 1937 e riscuotono ancora un grande successo: ve ne sono alcuni intramontabili, che fanno appassionare ed emozionare grandi e piccini ed altri che riescono comunque ad affezionarli, pur senza lasciare il segno. Q. Q. In the beginning of the animated feature Dumbo, they zoom in on a map of the US to the state where the circus goes for the winter,what state do they zoom in on?? Q. Ans- 11,324. What are the names of the 2 trouble makers in Cranium Command in EPCOT? In Beauty and the Beast, how many eggs does Gaston eat for breakfast? Wie heißt der Vater von Nemo (Findet Nemo)? Q. What was Innovations in EPCOT originally called? In Peter Pan, Captain Hook had a hook on which one of his hands? What author wrote the book that the animated feature The Jungle Book is based on? The Lion King Quiz! Vermeide perverse oder gewaltverherrlichende Inhalte. The Hardest Disney Quiz! In the movie Frozen, which song does Elsa sing as she builds the castle? Q. What was the original proposed name for Animal Kingdom? What is the name of the 2,100 foot-long stream that travels through Typhoon Lagoon in WDW that guests can ride in an inner tube through ? Ans- Inside Princess Hall in Fantasy-land. Q. In Pluto’s cartoon “Judgment Day”, Pluto is put on trial, what type of animals make up the jury? What was the first roller coaster attraction at Walt Disney World, Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain?? Ans- 4. Which Disney character started life as Steamboat Willie? Not only is it a way to have fun, it is also a brain teaser that will make you think deeper,… Oh My Disney Contributor Pocahontas taught us that we should listen with our hearts, paint with all the colors of the wind, and eat as many cherries as possible (thanks, Meeko!). What was the name of the whale in Pinocchio? Q. Q. Scar is a villain in which Disney movie? In Bambi, what word does the owl use to describe falling in love? How many individual panels make up the exterior shell of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT? Q. Q. What was the name of the first color Disney comic strip? After being on earth, where did Hercules first meet his father Zeus? Q. What Disney Full Length Animated Feature was released in only 14 theaters throughout the world and why? What is the motto of the Rescue Aid Society in the movie The Rescuers? What was the first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a cartoon about? Q. Q. Ans- 30,469 spread among 30 resorts, plus an additional 799 campsites at Fort Wilderness. Q. Minnie Mouse had a bird that appeared in 1 cartoon along with Figaro from Pinocchio. Wir haben das ultimative Quiz für alle Fans. How many hotel rooms are available on the Disney World grounds? Which Disney princess has a raccoon as a sidekick? Bitte beachte die nun folgenden Anweisungen, um das von uns verachtete Verhalten zu unterlassen. Q. Q. Not only is it a way to have fun, it is also a brain teaser that will make you think deeper, opening you up to a whole new experience in knowledge acquisition. PETER PAN: Wie gut kennst du dich wirklich aus? How Well Do You Know Elsa? Q. In Hercules, Hades promised not to harm Megara provided that Hercules give up his strength. Q. During the battle with Aladdin, what type of animal does Jafar transform himself into? Q. What Disney Character Are You Quiz? Which Disney movie was the first to be nominated for an Oscar? In EPCOT, which country is located at each gateway into the World Showcase? Q. How Disney Are You? Wie heißt die Schöne von dem Film die Schöne und das Biest? In Toy Story, what game does the slinky play? Which Disney movie was the last to utilize a story book format as the introduction to the movie? Q. Ans- Diablo can be found in Sleeping Beauty and is Maleficent’s pet raven. Teste es hier: Hier das Quiz machen! Q. Disney Quiz questions by questionsgems. Q. Q. How long did he have to agree to give up his strength for? Q. In the Aristocats, what kind of truck does O’Malley spot to give Dutchess and the kittens a ride back to Paris in? Including Main Street, how many stops does the Disneyland Railroad make? In Dumbo, where is Mrs. Jumbo when the stork delivers her baby? Q. Aus welchem Material ist Cinderellas Schuh? Q. Required fields are marked *. How many languages are featured at the end of It’s a Small World? In Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tony Jay supplied the voice of Judge Frollo. In The Jungle Book, what kind of animal is Shere Khan? And name them if you can. Q. What are the names of Walt Disney’s 3 Brothers? Q. Q. What was the original vision for EPCOT? What color hair does Eric think his rescuer has in The Little Mermaid? Ans- EPCOT can be entered from the front, as well as directly into the World Showcase from the back. What name did Princess Aurora use to hide her identity while living in the cottage in the woods? Q. Q. In Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger? In what Disney Full Length Animated Feature can you find a character named Diablo, and what type of character is he? Which world was never built within Animal Kingdom? I hope you guys like our collection of Disney Quiz Questions. Mit dem Bestätigen erklärst du dich bereit, den oben How did Walt’s Brother Roy propose to his wife Edna? Q. What is the name of the sound system created for Fantasia? How many gallons of salt water are in the tanks at the Living Seas? Q. 1 Who was the creator of Figment in the original Journey into Imagination ride? Q. Q. Teste dein Wissen und prüfe, wie viele Fragen du über Disney richtig beantworten kannst. Q. Disney - Aus welchen Film ist der Songtext? What animal does Jafar turn into during his fight with Aladdin? Q. In Alice in Wonderland, what is the name of Alice’s kitten? Q. Q. Friday’s Question:What is the name of the original novel that inspired the full length feature animation: The Hunchback of Notre Dame? What is the name of the record label mentioned in Rock ‘n Roller-coaster? Was haben den die minions und generell ich einfach unverbesserlich den mir Disney zu tun? In Mary Poppins, what animal was on the end of Mary Poppins’ umbrella that spoke? Get the best Disney Trivia quiz questions here. When Walt Disney World opened in October of 1971, who gave the opening day speech? Q. Wie heißen die 3 Minions aus dem Film die Minions? Which full length animated feature did Walt Disney originally consider having as a Live Action Film with Mary Martin having the lead role? Q. Ans- Fantasia because many theaters in the 1940s couldn’t handle the complex sound demands of the feature. Die Frage ist glaub ich nicht wie viel ich von disney verstehe sondern du. How do Cast Members get around at Magic Kingdom? Q. Q. Q. Who is the man that supplied the synthesized voice for the Main Street Electrical Parade from 1979 to 1991? Wir alle lieben Disney-Filme. Q. In Walt Disney World’s Carousel of Progress, how many different theaters are there? Which Disney Full Length Animated Feature was the last one to use a storybook as an introduction in the beginning of the movie? What is the name of the farm where the Barnstormer is located? In the Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live? Die Antworten sind nicht falsch und deine Grammatik wenn man scar falsch schreibt und dann behauptet es heißt narbebitte gib dir doch mehr mühe bei so einem quiz. Q. Friday’s Question: In the Little Mermaid when Ariel sees Prince Eric, what type of celebration was happening on the ship?? Q. Welcher Film war der letzte von Walt Disney persönlich? In Walt Disney World, what is the name of the lake located near the Yacht & Beach Club and Boardwalk Resorts? In MGM studios, the Tower of Terror is exactly 199 feet high, why was it made that specific height? Your email address will not be published. Which Disney princess has the ability to heal others? Ans- EPCOT was originally designed to be a fully-functional futuristic community rather than a theme park. What is the name of the river in the Mexico pavilion in EPCOT? Ans- Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which reflected it’s original purpose. Who was the first Disney princess based on a real historical figure? Which Disney princess has no royal ties? Q. Ans- Magic Kingdom is built on the second story with a sequence of tunnels below for cast members to move about undetected. Q. Q. In The Jungle Book who teaches Mowgli about The Bare Necesseties of life? Ans- Hint: It was a Silly Symphony. How Well Do You Know Princess Anna? Q. Ans- (There are 2 of them) Mexico and Canda. Und Walter starb nicht an Krebs informiere dich doch beim nächsten Mal etwas besser ansonsten gutes quiz doch da steht doch schwer also meiner Meinung nach etwas zu einfach. What are the names of the parents in Peter Pan? Ans- The Garden Grill is constantly in motion and overlooks Living with the Land. Conclusion:  These are the best Disney Quiz Questions And Answers. Ans- Animal Kingdom opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998. Q. What are the elevators called in the Living Seas in EPCOT? Get the best Disney Trivia quiz questions here. What is the name of the barbershop quartet that performs on Main Street? Q. Q. Ans- Animal Kingdom’s original plan was to include an area dedicated to mythical creatures, such as dragons and unicorns. What was the significance of Animal Kingdom’s opening date? Q. Q. Share these Disney Trivia questions and answers with your friends. Ans- 3. Q. In front of Cinderella’s Castle there is a statue of Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse holding hands…What is this statue called? Q. Q. Q. In Cranium Comman in EPCOT, what is the name of the young boy whose brain is piloted by Buzzy? Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Funny Little Bunnies. In Splash Mountain, Brer Fox has a book titled: “How to Catch a Rabbit”, who is the author of that book? Q. Q. What country is Belle from in Beauty and the Beast? Wie viele Zwerge gibt es bei Dornröschen? What actor provided the voice of Lumiere in Beauty & the Beast? What is the name of the boy who owns Buzz Lightyear in the movie Toy Story? Guess the Disney … Q. Which Disney princess wears pants rather than a dress? What was another character he supplied a voice for in a different full length feature animation? In The Sword in the Stone, what does Merlin call The Greatest Force on Earth? Q. Ans- He claims to eat five dozen eggs each morning. Which Disney restaurant features a rotating platform? What town is the setting for the Disney Movie “The Love Bug?”. Who is the nurse maid to the children in Peter Pan? Letzte Frage: Welches Zitat sagte Walter Elias Disney? What is the motto for the Rescue Aid Society in The Rescuers? Q. Ans- 5.7 million gallons of salt water, making it the largest salt water tank in the world. Where do the lions live in the Lion King? Q. Which Disney World theme park features a gift shop dedicated to the villains? Q. Q. What is now considered the fastest ride in Walt Disney World? Q. Q. Q. What is the name of the statue featuring Mickey and Walt in front of Cinderella castle? In Downtown Disney in WDW there is a restaurant on aboat named Fulton’s Crab House, what was it called before that? Q. Ans- Fantasia because of it being released in 1940 and the theaters couldn’t handle the complicated sound system needed (Mostly because of the war). What is the only cartoon created by Walt Disney that had an Easter Theme? Q. Q. Q. Q. In which city is the Disney movie Ratatouille based? Wie heißen die Kinder von Gru aus "Ich einfach unverbesserlich (2)"? genannten Anweisungen Folge zu leisten. What was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon made in color? Which princess attempts to disguise herself as a man? Q. Ans- The Empress Lily (named after Walt’s Wife). Which Disney film was the first to use the wide screen Cinema Scope? What is the peak capacity for Magic Kingdom? Ans- Marceline, Missouri, which is where Walt Disney grew up. Q. No hate lol . Sei dir bewusst, dass dies eine Quizseite ist und keine Datingseite. Q. Q. Q. Basiert Pocahontas auf einer wahren Begebenheit? Who was the original partner for Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Stundenlang konnten wir vorm Fernseher sitzen und unseren Helden bei ihren zahlreichen Abenteuern zuschauen! Q. Q. Q. Bist du dir sicher, dass du diesen Kommentar löschen möchtest? Ans- Because if it was 200 feet or more, it would require a beacon to warn airplanes. If you have any question or suggestion just comment below or contact us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Q. Ans- A restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge. What is the name of Donald Duck’s sister (Also the mother of Huey Dewey & Louie) ? Asking and answering some of these Disney trivia quiz questions can be a sure way to have some fun, especially with kids. Wie heißt Mowglis Wolfsmutter bei "Dschungelbuch"? How many times has Disney World completely closed to the public? Q. Where is the only place to meet Anna and Elsa? Ans- Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood. What was the name of the dragon (god wanna be) in Mulan and who provided his voice? What was the first Disney Full Length Animated Feature that used the wide screen process of Cinema Scope? Ans- Robin Williams for the voice of the genie in Aladdin. How many eggs does Gaston report eating for breakfast in Beauty and the Beast? "Ich würde mir sehr schwer tun, die Eintracht zu verlassen" Der Polo-Kragen ergänzt diesen Winter das Outfit als überraschender Modetrend. Q. What was the bird’s name? Q. Quiz: The Ultimate '90s Disney Kid Trivia Quiz The Oh My Disney Site Is Moving to Disney News on Oh My Disney will soon be joining, where you can find the latest Disney News updates all in one place. Which hand is replaced by a hook on Captain Hook? Kommentarfunktion ohne das RPG / FF / Quiz, Zur meiner Liste "Quizzes über mich" zufügen. Doch was ist von dem ganzen Wissen über Disney übrig geblieben? Q. Which is the only Disney animated film with a main character that doesn’t speak? Q. During the ballroom scene of Beauty & the Beast, what color is Belle’s Gown? Q. If your love for Pocahontas is as steady as the beating drum, then take this quiz to prove you truly are an ultimate fan: Bist du ein echter Disney-Experte? Asking and answering some of these Disney trivia quiz questions can be a sure way to have some fun, especially with kids.


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