S3E11 Expos é S3E11. We don't do this currently for movies leaving Netflix. Inspector Seeger and Tommy arrive at the carnival, freeing Hickman fighting off Genovese's henchman. Spoilers; Episodes; Crossing Lines Next Episode . Crossing Lines is a German-French-Italian-American action-crime-thriller television series created by Edward Allen Bernero and Rola Bauer. All involved are eventually captured. Amanda brings Genovese to the Hague to stand trial but he seems smug, as if he knows something they don't know. Lennon calls the team for help investigating a new string of tainted drugs released in London, but the investigation is complicated due to Lennon's certainty that Tommy's family were involved in the drugs' distribution. Crossing Lines Season 2 premiered September 16 in the UK on Alibi. They collect the hostages's cell phones, including Hickman's, which severs his line to the office. Nominally listed as the star of the show, Fichtner seems comfortable in what is really an ensemble cast. [16] David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle also found the location to be what sets Crossing Lines apart. Meanwhile, Rebecca suggests to Louis they work together to catch and prosecute Dimitrov, then complete their divorce and get on with their lives. What starts as an alleged race-based hate crime directed at soccer players leads to suspicion about eh obvious evidence, suspects and motives. In Florence, Eva meets with the only witness from the previous similar case, an art school's guidance counselor, Katya, who we know is the liaison. Crossing Lines Season 2 - "12 Episodes" Trailer; Crossing Lines Spoilers . In, The explosion was contained to the house's security room. However, armed gunmen arrive and kill the kidnappers. Crossing Lines Spoilers – your source for the latest season 2 episode photos, guides, videos, rumors and other spoilers! With Tom Wlaschiha, Donald Sutherland, Lara Rossi, William Fichtner. [3] The first season was filmed in Paris, Nice and Prague, with filming ending in February 2013. The unit includes an anti-organized crime, covert specialist from Italy, a technical specialist from Germany, a crimes analyst and a human-trafficking specialist from France, and a weapons specialist and tactical expert from Northern Ireland. As the slightly to the right of Genghis Khan federal judge, who was nonetheless charismatic, opinionated and brilliant, Fichtner’s acting ranged from the condescending and dismissive when dealing with White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler, to engaging, combative and friendly with fellow potential supreme court nominee Evelyn Baker Lang and finally to respectful and reverential when dealing with the president. Eva helps Angela through the shock of her father's criminality and deaths of Paulo and Antonia, explaining that her own parents were killed for doing business with Conti. Most I suspect know Fichtner for his role on Invasion as Sheriff Tom Underlay or possibly on Prison Break or the movies Crash and The Dark Knight. A highly skilled sniper is killing people indiscriminately to bring attention to his political grudge. I however was spellbound some years ago by his incredibly nuanced and superb performance as Judge Christopher Mulready on ‘The Supremes’ episode of The West Wing. Created by Edward Allen Bernero. Hickman believes it to be his missing girlfriend, Shari, but it turns out to be the bank manager from the earlier robbery ("The Animals"). A series of vicious home invasions in Belgium and Germany have escalated in violence. 2 Personalien wurden nie geklärt. [19] The International Criminal Court lacks an organization comparable to the special crime unit, and has no police force of its own. Sebastian finds tunnels run all over the city from under the bank. The show will air Monday nights at 7 PM ET, with 3 episodes back to back. When a known murderer restarts his killing spree, a twist of events leads the team to investigate a group espousing social justice. Crossing Lines is a terrible name for the show that evokes nothing of the basic premise of the series. will zurück in die USA. Louis asks about Hickman and Anne-Marie says he is on an errand. Such is the case with Crossing Lines, an English language French-German production that appeared on NBC over the summer. She confesses to it, out of hatred for Lev and overhearing Katya's previous plot, but doesn't know Maxim's location. The old Netflix suggestion algorithm threw up another fascinating show this week with the recommendation of the series Crossing Lines. It’s an excellent premise as the freedom of movement guarantees within the European Union for their own nationals allows travel that is akin to traversing the individual states here in the US. Going deep undercover for the first time, Sebastian will join the gang on their next job. Watch Now S3E12 Obscura S3E12. At the ICC, Dorn puts Sebastian under internal investigation when he discovers that Sebastian's long and very expensive gambling habit has been leaked to the press. More Episodes . New evidence leads the team to re-evaluate their prime suspect and pay close attention to Sophie's undercover informant. NBC did not broadcast the show after the first season. The killer is able to slip through a roadblock because his car has American Embassy plates. Greetings fellow television fans, fanatics, addicts and enthusiasts; welcome to our blog about TV for the Press Democrat Online. The message appears once per day. Travel times and distances, particularly by train, make sense and there is an overriding sense of a production comfortable with itself from the first couple of episodes. Sutherland is fine, as he always is, although any number of other actors could have performed the role. In the United Kingdom, the series was released on the LoveFilm platform on October 25, 2013. The team watches, via the video link that Eva keeps active, as the kidnappers prepare to set Maxim free. Rent Crossing Lines (2013) starring William Fichtner and Donald Sutherland on DVD and Blu-ray. Hickman is called by Dutch Inspector Seeger (Lara Rossi) to identify a body. Meanwhile, Dorn plays a dangerous game with Dimitrov. The goal - to prompt the recipients to commit suicide. Back-stories for each of the characters are fleshed out nicely and there are two over arching plot lines for the season on which the individual episodes are presented. In Italy, drugs and money are stolen from the Conti Cartage warehouse. Four women have been killed, their bodies left in wooded areas of parks in major European cities. John Cencich's The Devil's Garden: A War Crimes Investigator's Story (Potomac Books, Washington, D.C.) demonstrates how police investigators from Berlin, France, Belgium, Scotland Yard, Italy, the United States and many others worked pursuant to the authority of the United Nations Security Council, without relying on national police forces, to investigate and bring to justice some of the world's worst criminals.


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