Auto-attacks go off twice with each activation; Can do burst damage (both physical and ether) with several arts, especially her talent arts. Meyneth is revealed to be the soul of the Mechonis and counterpart to Zanza, and that Fiora's body was used to house her due to her closeness to the heir to Zanza's Monado - Shulk. Ultimate appears during Shulk's final smash and as a spirit. The encounter has been timed to coincide with Shulk's arrival on the island and, furious at the return of the Mechon, Shulk attempts to slash Metal Face with a newly powered-up Monado. Eye colour In her Mechon form, Fiora has a built in radar and tracking device, according to ". She becomes playable during Chapter 1 alongside Shulk and Reyn. 3 - Lacerate - Deliver a rising attack, followed up with a strong downward blow. Aux Cores Fiora uses the Wind element, wields Knives, and acts as an Healer in battle. At Galahad Fortress the party is forced to fight both Nemesis and Yaldaboath, as he is able to control other Mechon. She pilots it, firing off several rounds of ammunition at Metal Face. To permanently add her to your party, complete the challenge battle, "Dino Drama.". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Humanoid She has a soft spot for Shulk and often cooks for him, for which he is grateful. However, despite her delicate frame Fiora is very physically fit. The final cutscene takes place after Fiora's half year in the regeneration chamber. Lv. Age During this attack, Fiora is separated from Shulk and Reyn and finds a Mobile Artillery that had previously crashed into a house. Hunting Daggers: All Knives - Various - Head . Gender Green Fiora in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 It even helps cope with boring jobs, Each auto-attack hit adds 10% to her talent gauge (. Height Blonde Here, it is revealed that she has been restored into her Homs body, although her hair hasn't regrown yet. Appearances After the assault ends, Dunban comments that Fiora would not have wished for Shulk to feel remorse for her loss, as she died defending him. Shulk and Fiora make an appearance in Challenge Battle Mode, released as part of Version 1.5.0 for players with the Expansion Pass. Although conscious, Fiora has no control over her body and can only observe as Nemesis and Metal Face are sent on a mission to Prison Island. Female Gender Voice actor (EN) 1.60 m However, they initially cann… When she wakes, Fiora has control of herself for the first time since her death, as the power Meyneth exerted in the fortress exhausted her into retreating to a sleeping state in Fiora's mind. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. History Comments Share. Unbeknownst to Shulk, Fiora's body has been taken - along with other Homs victims - to the Mechonis capital of Agniratha in order to be transformed into the pilot unit of a Faced Mechon. Fiora refuses to go into the chamber until the party defeats Zanza, knowing that she would not be able to help them in her old body. Prioritizing Courage improves Fiora's Critical Hit rate based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this tree: Daring is one of Fiora's initial three skill trees. 1 - Hidden Thorn - Quickly close in on the enemy and dice them into submission. (Previous instances count towards total. Homs Metal Face incapacitates Nemesis and threatens to kill Fiora again if Shulk does not hand the Monado over to him, which Shulk does. Prioritizing Rashness improves Fiora's counter-attack rate based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this tree: Innocence is Fiora's fifth Skill Tree. Afterwards, Fiora's body begins to weaken - without Meyneth's Monado, which was housed in the triangular attachment on her chest, Fiora is slowly dying. Xenoblade Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Merc Group Title Ultimate, with her Mecha-Fiora form now appearing in Shulk's Final Smash. Fiora is one of the seven main playable characters in the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Warrior Valkyrie - Increases party critical hit rate by 20% to 40% at max Affinity. Role Appearance Item Sell Price Source Missable? Affinity bond will be easier to sustain, Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 60% chance to spawn 2, Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 70% chance to spawn 2, Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 80% chance to spawn 2, Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 90% chance to spawn 2, Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 100% chance to spawn 2, Absorbs 60% of critical damage dealt as HP, Absorbs 70% of critical damage dealt as HP, Absorbs 80% of critical damage dealt as HP, Absorbs 90% of critical damage dealt as HP, Absorbs 100% of critical damage dealt as HP, When landing a hit, restores 30% of damage dealt to the whole party, When landing a hit, restores 35% of damage dealt to the whole party, When landing a hit, restores 40% of damage dealt to the whole party, When landing a hit, restores 45% of damage dealt to the whole party, When landing a hit, restores 50% of damage dealt to the whole party, Increases party critical hit rate by 20% at max Affinity, Increases party critical hit rate by 25% at max Affinity, Increases party critical hit rate by 30% at max Affinity, Complete Challenge Battles (Previous instances count towards total), Increases party critical hit rate by 35% at max Affinity, Increases party critical hit rate by 40% at max Affinity, Increases damage dealt by 5% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300), Increases damage dealt by 7% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300), Increases damage dealt by 10% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300), Collect a lot of Ether Cubes in Challenge Battles. Hair colour The first skill is unlocked when she joins the party, and changes when she rejoins the party much later in the game. Allows special armour from Mechonis to be equipped. When Fiora first wields her twin weapons she holds them downwards. Skills with a diamond shape cannot be linked. 2% chance that dealing damage will fill the, Grants All Stats Up buff when encouraged by Shulk. Species Fiora is a young woman of average stature (about 160 cm; 5'3") and has rounded green eyes. Colony Nine Irregulars Kunihiko Tanaka. Fiora's ability to use Mechonis armour, as well as the variety of buffs she can obtain through her arts make her a highly adaptable fighter. Her Mecha-Fiora form is an icon to select for the player's online profile. This gives Nemesis the strength to break free of Egil's will and she destroys half of Galahad Fortress, astonishing Egil but greatly damaging her Face. Although Nemesis' construction is authorised by the leader of Mechonis, the soul transfer is secret, and causes Fiora to reawaken under the control of Meyneth rather than her own freedom. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Xenoblade: The Secret File - Monado Archives, Contents . Lv. Type She has since appeared as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and in Super Smash Bros. Eventually, the Mechon raiders call back their troops and Metal Face is forced to leave, taking Fiora's corpse with them. Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart. Female 2 - Power Smash - Charge up power, then unleash it in a series of airborne spinning attacks. Rare Cylinder Plus: Crafting begins with 3 full cylinder gauges. It is revealed in a short story from Xenoblade: The Secret File - Monado Archives that sometime between the events at the Mechonis Core and the ending scene, Linada informs Shulk of the possible existence of an ancient High Entia regeneration chamber which will give Fiora back her old body. Wind This does not prevent her from helping the party destroy Zanza. Fiora's default outfit consists of a white bralette with knitted sleeves, a short orange skirt with brown accessories over white shorts, and brown leggings. She expresses excitement at the thought of exploring the new world and meeting its inhabitants alongside Shulk. Eri Nakao Meyneth exits Fiora's body to absorb the full power of the attack and is killed. Appearances The party find Egil who calls Meyneth and his sister, Vanea - who implemented the soul transfer - traitors to Mechonis and he descends into Mechonis Core to activate the Mechonis in Meyneth's place. She then charges Metal Face head on, blasting the artillery's main cannon at point-blank range. Increases amount of HP restored when revived by 20%. Eri Nakao Xenoblade ChroniclesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii UProject X Zone 2Xenoblade Chronicles 2Super Smash Bros. The byproduct of this trait is that Fiora can convey and show her emotions easily and does frequently, however she tends to show all of her emotions. [Fiora puts her hand on Shulk's cheek, and he looks at her expression of content with surprise.]. Unwavering Courage - 20% to 40% more damage dealt for each enemy in the battle (max: 250%). Fiora gains enough strength to cry out in Meyneth's mind, begging her to save Shulk. Appearance Item Sell Price Source Missable? Voice actor (JP) Shulk and Dunban are horrified to find that she appears to retain no memory of them or her life as a Homs, and she and Metal Face retreat. It is obtained by completing Battling Brutes, which requires the defeat of two level 98 Unique Monsters. Fiora expresses that she wants to help the person living in her despite everything that has been done to her by Mechonis forces, and encourages the party to trust the Machina who retool her body to be able survive outside her Face unit. Her return overjoys Shulk and later Dunban, who they rendezvous with alongside the rest of the party in the Hidden Machina Village. The Mecha-Fiora Spirit grants its user boosted jump abilities. Ultimate. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Summary : In this epic role-playing sequel, explore an endless ocean of clouds, where the last remnants of civilization live on the backs of colossal beasts called Titans. However, Fiora must go into the chamber for six months. Recognising that this will destroy Metal Face, Meyneth shields him with Nemesis, causing her front armour to be damaged and reveal Fiora's body as the pilot. It can be unlocked by completing The Oath Sword, which requires 2☆ affinity with Fallen Arm. Fiora Cannon Drones (deal great ether damage in a straight line), Gun Drones (a 6-hit area ether damage combo), Sword Drones (a 10-hit physical combo on a single enemy), Shield Drones (At level 1 it mimics Shulk's Talent Art "Monado Shield", but at level 2 provides debuff immunity), For information on levelling battle arts, see. Following his defeat and Zanza's subsequent awakening, Meyneth uses Fiora's body again to fight Zanza in order to protect the party. Fiora assists Shulk and Reyn in collecting replacement cylinders for the Mobile Artillery and fighting off the Mechon when they attack Colony 9. Carina Reeves Edit. This trait further develops near the story's climax as starts to verbally express that she is a dead weight to everyone. Fiora has been shown to be a very kind and caring person who wants to help everyone. Shulk discovers the Regeneration Chamber behind a locked door in the cylinder hanger after having seen Melia, now empress of the High Entia, commanding it to open in a vision. For this appearance, Fiora was redesigned by Kunihiko Tanaka, lead character designer for Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as the Xenogears and Xenosaga series. However, after the events of Galahad Fortress she wields them all upwards. She is a childhood friend of Shulk and Reyn, and is the younger sister of Dunban with whom she lives in his house in Colony 9. Yellow skills are active only when the character is in the battle party. Unlike most she is not used for a Mass-Produced Face, but instead deemed viable to house the soul of Lady Meyneth and to pilot Face Nemesis. Knives After the events of Galahad Fortress, Fiora has a different appearance with a mechanised body; she now possesses a white, black and gold exoskeleton suit matching the appearance of Face Nemesis, with two wing-like cannons and a shorter haircut. Egil then takes Fiora and her Nemesis back to Galahad Fortress, goading the party to fight him there. All Stats Up buff at start of battle with higher-level monsters. The grief and desire for revenge drives Shulk and Reyn to leave the colony in search of Metal Face, in order to avenge Fiora. 4 - Butterfly Step - Overwhelm the enemy with a flurry of high-speed blows. She has been shown to be able to read people rather easily, such as when she predicts Reyn and Shulk would forget the Ether canisters and when she reads peoples' emotions in her Heart-to-Hearts. Fiora agrees with Meyneth's resolve but, as Meyneth's Monado is in use as Fiora's life force, Zanza is stronger than them and unleashes an attack aimed directly at the party, who have no way to defend themselves.


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