He published two books criticizing the social condition in Germany as well. Georgetown University. Adorno, Theodor xxvi, xxvii. Bacon, Francis 43. EDITED BY. Aristophanes 27, 173–174, 178, 179. Heinrich Heine. Remarking on Heine’s book-length essay On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany, the scholar J.P. Stern begins by writing that “Heine had neither the scholarly equipment nor the detachment to write anything that a respectable historian would wish to put his name to.” But Stern goes on to add that “so much of it is true, that so much of the book consists of brilliant, apparently casual and quite … Augustine, Saint 54. Heinrich Heine wrote several articles about the culture and political situation of the country. HOWARD POLLACK-MILGATE. TRANSLATED BY. On the history of religion and philosopy in germany . 9780521861298 - HEINRICH HEINE - On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany and Other Writings - by TERRY PINKARD Index Index. Perhaps they could even burn all those connected in any way with the degenerate ideas in these books which, if allowed to propagate, … 9780521861298 - HEINRICH HEINE - On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany and Other Writings - by TERRY PINKARD Excerpt. 1956), stresses Heine's antiestablishment orientation and re-creates the 19th-century milieu through extensive quotations from Heine and his contemporaries. In 1840, Heinrich Heine also used the same analogy, in his essay on Ludwig Börne: Welcome be a religion that pours into the bitter chalice of the suffering human species some sweet, soporific drops of spiritual opium, some drops of love, hope and faith. I should note especially for the German reader that these pages were originally written for a French periodical, the Revue des Deux Mondes, in order to accomplish a specific purpose at the … Aristotle 49. art, purpose of 155. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, São Paulo. Cambridge University Press The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 … Preface to the first edition. Heinrich Heine recognized that such a connection could exist and perceived that once people could be persuaded to burn books, then at least some of them could be persuaded to take the further step of burning those responsible for the creation of those books. A book I’ll need to re-read for a clearer understanding of Heine’s complex thoughts. HEINRICH HEINE On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany and Other Writings. Eliza M. Butler, Heinrich Heine: A Biography (1956), is a sensitive and enthusiastic appreciation of the manifold and frequently incompatible facets of Heine's personality and work. TERRY PINKARD. Charles Kingsley They were collected in ‘Franösische Zustände’ (French Affairs). They were ‘Die Romantische Schule’ (The Romantic School) and ‘Zur Geschicte der Relgion and Philosophie in Deutschland’ (On the History of Religion and Philosophy in … Heinrich Heine was born in Düsseldorf before he fled to Paris to write about German Religion and Philosophy since Luther. De Pauw University. Aeschylus 64. Andersen, Hans Christian 21. Max Brod, Heinrich Heine: The Artist in Revolt (1934; trans.


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