Am I Indigo? Ive been involved in 2 serious realationships they were 15 years apart both were with narcissistic personalities the first was mild but my husband is the worst kind of narcissist and i barely came through this alive. Crying at the drop of a hat. I got lousy grades yet I already knew and quickly became bored with almost anything I was being taught. Not wanting to be taken to church probably has something to do with rebelling against the norm. I feel some sort of healing from this. During that time I met my creator in me. R Miller, Wow! Also try blessing the food as described in #5. i have always wondered why i was so different. Nothing nice. The streetlight across from our house is the only one that’s continually burning out in the whole neighborhood. The years after that realization has been anything but easy. a verse of the bible says ” if i were to pull back the curtain so you could see the true state of reality you would be like me.” well little did we already know that we all are already like it. i dont know how to spot the la croix mystique, but i did, find a star on my apollo mount in my passive hand. i love my mom a lot, not my father though. My number 1 enemy are systems and their control over me. I feel the same thing.. so am i also indigo adult?! Drop me an email, let’s support each other. when i was little i thought to myself. I wonder what those people are… I mean, who talks about that stuff to their kids while walking to the shop….only indigos! Thanks for your sharing…. Hope to be more aware of this nature and to be more informed on what it means and what we could do to use the opportunity of helping with the use of it. What I have been learning in the last 2 days has shaken me to the core. Of course not about disagreeing with the whole thing in general but I’m unusual and curiosity seems to be the death of me. I also Have a strong sense of the 60’s like as if I was meant to be a person back there ( I was born in 95) Such a strong sense of nostalgia for a past before me. It is time for us to stand together. i see so much of what i was like in her. Advice:Your vision is changing in many ways — you are experiencing new ways of seeing. I turn 30 this week, Capricorn, and I’ve done a lot but feel I have so much potential and talent that I need to narrow in focus and pursue. We have an abundance of different animals and fish living all over this big blue sphere, and when you really stop and think about the vastness of this planet, it’s pretty amazing. Anyway…. I’m 33 but I Still can’t figure out how To Channel My psychic abilities that I hold Inside. And I’ve got a great understanding of what’s around me… More than most full adults. I will help and share with you as much as I can from my heart. Even the closet friends may turn there back because they don’t understand or jealousy gets the best. I am 38 and definitely an Indigo. I don’t feel like I’ve had many indigos in my life (except I believe my mom is a first wave). Can’t find anyone word fit enough to describe this experience. I will not conform to orthodox religion, and I detest injustice, more than anything, I hate liars and fantasists, as for electrical appliances, I have always affected them. I immediately told my wife to run down quickly to catch a cab and head for the nearest hospital. Peace and Love to all of you who are also embarking on this journey of discovery. I have all the above listed items checked off, I do know I’m not special in the first person, I am simply a firing neuron in the vastness of a super position network. And in some dreams, you just know that you are not “dreaming” — that what is happening is somehow real. When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness, but redness. Really. My entire speech god gave me is in my notes and it is a little long. I am everything on this list…and in pretty extreme extents. I have no connections and am very isolated. Traveling and restlessness has been in my vains for as long as I can remember. we are the yung. Evolution in a form so to speak. I fix computers and electronics on a daily basis because I can feel them, but it only works when I’m calm. I would warmly welcome your hospitality of my soul. I ticked all the boxes nice to know why I tick the way I do. He also is not close to his family at all and has traveled to many places with wrk . It is a momentary sensation, but uncomfortable. i felt almost as if a i was standing underneath a waterfall but instead of water it was knowledge. I am alone, sometimes lonely and my awakening is very painful, I wish I could share more. Is there any specialist with whom I can disscuss the results? Advice: You will remember what is important for you to remember. but then its stop . Often I see grids running across the ground. Hi. I just wish I knew what I’m supposed to do. To my fellow indigos. it is the neutral of the universe. I am 50 years old. He tells them all , that he will be their best friend. ive always had this deep understanding for things that most people dont think about even once in their lifetime. but i dont have those crystal traits you talk of. Blessed be, my Indigo Sisters and Brothers. I still do not understand why we must pay to live. That’s me alright, but I can control the rage with my intelligence. Like the person that wrote me back was pissed off at me. I know I’m not liked much – I feel like I have to do a lot, like a purpose and I have a certain amount of time to realize that purpose. May have trouble identifying their path. I thought the part about teaching my fellow church congregation about evolution and how Jesus was teaching the same thing in the gospel was the thing for me. it wouldn’t move.). Just wanna know does ones presence affect internet connections of any sort? but i was different. I feel overwhelmed with all the things needing fixed and like I am alone in a place that is wrong in to many way to figure out where to start. If you want to feel better about yourself, then improve youself. Many times I dreamt or experienced things before they happened, I thought I was sick or a witch, anyway, with adulthood I almost lost these abilities. pray pray pray let the good energy of your heart bring others to love and peace. Along my trials of life I have lost a lung, broken several bones, been stabbed 3 times on 3 seperate times.I have also caused severe damage to others. If there were others around me I was unaware of them. How smart he is with electricity and would say those exact words you did. I believe I can help shed light on the situation, I offer coaching for Indigos. Political and societal corruption angers, no infuriates me. Thanks to this test I know I belong to something common and that I’m not alone in this. But, if you find yourself reading this article and you’re attracted to the word “Starseed” and are curious to learn more, then perhaps you were meant to read this information. I boxed for 4 years and a half my record was 16-2. Also, am curious if other crystals ever experience visions of kaleidoscopic mosaic psychedelic images every so often (like seeing stars here and there or similar to such). I am not sure if I am an indigo person, but I know if people lie to me, and I can see the level of people professionalism, I am very quite person and like to analyze people from their behave. Changes in prayer or meditation. I took the star child test and scored high. completely astounded right now…. Difficulty in focusing. Quiz yourself and your friends HERE!


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