View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abyss The PBE has been updated! View this model on Sketchfab :, Or visit the Help Center for more information: I really love the desing so I had to make a 3d model. Please try again later or contact us if the problem persists. ", Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia (Night Blossom), 6 unit attack speed increased from 120% to 150%, 4 unit healing or damage increased from 180 to 200, 6 unit healing or damage increased from 480 to 550, 8 unit healing or damage increased from 880 to 1100, 9 unit shield value increased from 330 to 400, 8 unit AD and spell power increased from 38 to 48, Ability damage increased from 125/200/325 to 125/200/500, Armor & MR steal increased from 30/40/60 to 30/50/90, Shield increased from 40/45/60% to 40/45/70%, Ability damage increased from 100/150/200 to 100/150/225, Shield value increased from 200/300/400 to 200/300/450, Ability damage reduction increased from 40/80/200 to 40/80/400, Ability damage increased from 200/250/400 to 200/250/500, Ability damage increased from 300/400/600 to 300/400/700, Shield value increased from 400/500/700 to 400/500/800, Shield value increased from 350/500/800 to 350/500/950, Ability damage increased from 175/250/375 to 175/250/425, Ability damage increased from 100/200/400 to 100/200/500, Stun duration increased from 3/3/5 to 3/3/6, Ability damage increased from 400/550/800 to 400/550/850, Attack damage steal increased from 20/25/40% to 20/33/50%, Ability duration increased from 2.5/3/5 to 2.5/3/6, Magic resist increased from 15/30/45 to 15/30/90, Ability damage increased from 200/350/850 to 200/350/1500, Ability AD increased from 175/200/225% to 175/200/275%, Ability damage increased from 350/550/1100 to 350/550/1350, Knock up damage increased from 150/200/500 to 150/200/600, Ability damage increased from 500/750/1500 to 500/750/1800, Ability damage increased from 100/150/400 to 100/175/800, Mega Gnar health increased from 750/1250/4000 to 750/1250/5000, Heal lowered from 375/550/20000 to 325/500/20000, Stun duration increased from 2/2/5 to 2/2/7, Ability damage increased from 100/150/450 to 100/150/600, Shield value increased from 200/350/1000 to 200/350/1200. Your version of 3840x2160 Spirit Blossom Kindred Wallpaper Background Image. So great was her beauty, and so renowned her cunning, that a shrine was built to honor this 'spirit of temptation', until her story was accepted into popular folklore. Thanks for the support! Model is too heavy for your device and can not be rendered properly. Open this page with such a device to experience AR. The blend file including rig, mesh and textures it’s available for free, you can find it on my twitter. ", In the Ionian tradition, the Kindred are interpreted as a child and her beastly companion, endlessly playing games with one another until they are called to perform their duties. Help us keep the lights on by becoming a patron! Please check out our FAQ to learn how to fix this issue. I really love the desing so I had to make a 3d model. For the event Riot also included Spirit Blossom skins for Yasuo, Thresh, Teemo, and Vayne. Spirit Blossom Kindred’s splash art leak Out of all skin, Spirit Blossom Kindred is probably the most discussed content among League enthusiasts, for it is the first time they know how the Lamb actually looks like under her Wolf mask. The two do not know where they came from, but it is said they feel a sense of loss for someone they knew long ago...", A brave warrior from an ancient land, Riven was ignobly cut down in the heat of battle thousands of years ago, her sword shattering in the process. Spirit Blossom Ahri, Kindred, Cassiopeia, and Riven will be hitting the PBE just in time for the summer festival. Scan this code to open the model on your device, then, tap on the AR icon. The famed Spirit of Salvation, and the fox all mortals are beckoned towards when their souls arrive to the spirit realm. Supported devices: iPhone 6S+ & iPad 5+ on iOS 12+ and Android 8.0+ with ARCore 1.9 support I had some time between Little Legends sets & with SB Pengu on the way we took the opportunity to give Base Pengu a little love too! Spirit Blossom Kindred is one of Kindred 's 3 skins (4 including Classic). Augmented Reality is only available on mobile or tablet devices. A capricious, whimsical spirit who sees the fate of the living as a game of chase, she offers the chance for souls to find their final rest... but will not intervene if they stray from the path. Fanmade untoggled Spirit Blossom Kindred skins are adorable and Riot should definitely consider them. is too old to display models in AR. 11/23 PBE Update: Rell, the Iron Maiden, Battle Queen & Elderwood Skins, and Much More! Spirit Blossom event is currently live on the patch 10.15, with the new dreamy jungler Lillia. It looks like your browser or this site is blocking some scripts or cookies necessary to properly display the viewer. - Spirit Blossom Kindred - Download Free 3D model As we start the. CC AttributionCreative Commons Attribution, If the loading takes too long, you can learn more, For compatibility reasons, 3D is not available (,, ", Rumored to have once been a beautiful princess, legend says Cassiopeia vanished into the mountains when her sister staged a coup, never to return. Teaser: "A symbol of her royalty, a queen's crest is as much a reward as a responsibility. Update your device or try on another device. Unable to find peace, she obsessively scours an otherworldly battlefield for pieces of her broken blade, possessed by a horrific darkness that guides her into oblivion.". Following their social media previews, the second set of Spirit Blossom skins have bloomed on the PBE - Spirit Blossom Ahri, Cassiopeia, Kindred, and Riven.


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