display St. Wendel / Perl / Houston (dpa) - venison ragout with bacon and cream sausage and a Saarland potato and Riesling cream soup beforehand - this menu will fly into space with astronaut Matthias Maurer (50) from Saarland at the end of 2021. The European Space Agency has named German scientist Matthias Maurer as one of its new astronauts. Credits: SpaceX The mission is currently planned to launch in September 2021. ID: Crew-2-20200715-BI0I8441 Credit: SpaceX Valerie Vlasenko is SpaceWatch.Global Contributor, an entrepreneur tackling the dilemma of popularising space. ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Matthias Maurer training with the SpaceX Crew Dragon cockpit in California, USA. SpaceX Crew-3 will be the third crewed operational flight of a Crew Dragon spacecraft, and the fourth overall crewed orbital flight. He joined the ESA astronaut corps in July 2015 and is currently training for a future mission to the International Space Station. SpaceWatch.Global thanks Dr. Matthias Maurer of ESA for the interview. Founder of VSpace Media and Curator of Arctic15 Space conference, Valerie has a rich experience as an entrepreneur, a journalist, and a space lawyer. Przedstawiamy nowego mieszkańca Niemiec, który poleci w kosmos. W 2021 roku Matthias Maurer poleci jako astronauta ESA do ISS. Matthias Maurer Matthias Maurer was born in Sankt Wendel (Saarland), Germany, on 18 March 1970. Images Deutsche Biographie von Matthias Maurer Chef Christian Heinsdorf from the Borg tavern in Perl (Merzig-Wadern district) prevailed over his competitors with this proposal in an online voting, as ESA astronauts Matthias Maurer and Thomas Pesquet train with NASA astronaut Raja Chari in the cockpit of a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. Science Meet Matthias Maurer, Germany's new European Space Agency astronaut. SpaceX training.


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