Jewel . Two Handed Weapon . Top 3: Warlord Influence Helmet +1 to Maximum power charges +(17-20)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (7-10)% of physical damage from hits taken as fire damage . Attacking the cursed enemy will leech life and mana, stunning them will grant rage, and killing it will grant an endurance charge. One Handed Weapon . Regenerate (1.3-1.5)% of life per second (19-22)% increased elemental damage. Bows Staves Two Hand Swords Two Hand Axes Two Hand Maces Fishing Rods Warstaves. Warlord achievement in Path of Exile: Killed all Warbands leaders - worth 10 Gamerscore. List of suffix warlord affixes that can spawn on Warlord-influenced items. Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your strength . The Elder The Shaper The Crusader The Redeemer The Hunter The Warlord. PoE Warlord Mods: Suffix. Warlord's Mark Spell, Duration, Curse, Mark Radius: 22 Mana Cost: (16-33) Cast Time: 0.50 sec Requires Level 24 Curses a single enemy, giving a chance to double the duration of stuns on them. Find guides to this achievement here. Crimson Jewel Viridian Jewel Cobalt Jewel Prismatic … Claws Daggers Wands One Hand Swords Thrusting One Hand Swords One Hand Axes One Hand Maces Sceptres Rune Daggers.


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