The Russians captured the damaged prototypes and held them until the end of the war. The first prototype was to be completed by 1943 and the project vehicle was designated the Mammut (Mammoth). Its main focus was on the importance of firepower and speed, hence the dual Rheinmetall L44 (120 mm) cannons and non-existent armour. Die Panzer- und Luftschlacht von Gaijin Entertainment ist zwar ein Free2Play-Spiel, welches ihr … Pff, that's for normal tanks (But it is there anyway). Since both vehicles were intended exclusively for the testing and development of new battle tactics, they were made from structural non-armour steel. War Thunder verursacht Kosten, wenn ihr Geld ausgeben möchtet. The VT1-2 has the ability to climb to speeds of 70 km/h in a matter of seconds, with the help of 8 reverse gears, the reversing top speed is also 70 km/h. According to those who had the opportunity to drive the tank, the Maus was easier to drive than the Pz.Kpfw. This provides the opportunity to move into sniping positions early in the game or even capture midpoints. The project was developed by Ferdinand Porsche. War Thunder ist jetzt auf PlayStation®5 und auf Xbox Series X mit verbesserter Grafik, 4K-Auflösung und bis zu 60 FPS verfügbar. With the final design finished, it was estimated to weight 188 tons now. Coaxial LMG? They had to use six Sd.Kfz. The short 75 mounted alongside the main 128 originally served as anti-infantry and soft target weapon of choice. As part of this innovative project, two vehicles were built under the general name of Versuchsträger (German: experimental platform). Doppelrohr-Kasemattpanzer Versuchsträger VT1-2, Devblog - Operation "Shipyard": VT1-2 - Doppelrohr-Kasemattpanzer,, Operation "Shipyard": VT1-2 - Doppelrohr-Kasemattpanzer,, Ground vehicles with hydropneumatic suspension. The overwhelming design was approximated to weight 100 tons. VIII Maus is a rank V German heavy tank It was introduced in Update 1.47 "Big Guns" as a main tree vehicle, however as of Update 1.91 "Night Vision" it was shifted to become a gift vehicle for players who previously owned it. Keep that in mind and use it as an advantage in CQC. All rights reserved. War Thunder 1.79 "Project X" Deutsch: Das kostenlose Actionspiel "War Thunder" ist ein "Massively Multiplayer Online Game" (MMO), dessen Handlung im Zweiten Weltkrieg angesiedelt ist. Star Conflict . The production plan was to have the prototype completed by mid-1943 and for 10 vehicles per month after the prototype delivery. While slower it can make up for this in close combat thanks to the good turn rate of both tracks and turret. However, the HEAT shell can be used to harass the enemy, lure them out/in of cover, or just damage medium tank's sides (T-54 and M46 do not exceed 80 mm of armour) tracks and even hull break some lightly armoured vehicles such as the BMP 1. IV. It was later reopened to research for a limited time during War Thunder's 8th anniversary. However, the APCR and HEAT shells of the T-54 and late US vehicles surpasses it. The Maus can be a menace in the battlefield and conver… Using a custom sight from (such as this sight by shangxiang) is recommended in order to be able to quickly fire the second barrel without having to switch between armaments. Parts > FPE > Adjustment of Fire (absolutely necessary for sniping) > Brake System (in order to be able to react and aim) > Filters | Elevation Mechanism > DM23 | Laser rangefinder. The first ammo rack is for the auto-loader, The first rack will replenished with the 2nd ammo rack's ammunition, Incredibly good mobility on and off road, courtesy of its extremely powerful engine. The wooden model of the tank was presented on May 1943 to Hitler. Toward the end of the war, bodies and turrets had begun to be produced in addition to the prototypes that had been built. It comes without question that the 75 mm should be used against AAA, trucks and SPAA. The cannon's designation was later changed to 12.8 cm KwK 82. $59.99. However the VT1-2 is still a very effective tank at its battle rating, with the left cannon possessing an auto-loader the VT1-2 can shoot 3 shells in 5 seconds. The prototype used Ferdinand's "electric transmission" that was previously used on the rejected Tiger(P), the vehicle would be powered by an MB 517 diesel engine. The anti-infantry problem was solved with the addition of a coaxial machine gun and a Nahverteidigungswaffe dischargers, firing smoke or high-explosive shells in its surrounding area, installed on the turret. The reload is very good too for its calibre (23-second stock) that is a big advantage versus IS-4s, because the Maus has three seconds for an extra shot. 100 17 November 2020 The Shooting Range #227 Du siehst jetzt: The Shooting Range – Unsere wöchentliche Show für Panzerfahrer, Kapitäne und Piloten in War Thunder… Also the survivability of the crew is non-existent as all 3 crewmen are neatly lined up in a row, 1 nicely lined up shell would be enough to knock the crew out. However the VT1-2 is still a very effective tank at its ba… Pro. War Thunder. In addition, the VT1-2 is often described as a "glass cannon", meaning that you must be wary of your surroundings as anything from an anti-air autocannon to any tank round poses a real threat to you, not to mention that your crew is seated in between your guns. Auf unserem Chip-Free2Play-Portal finden Sie noch viele weitere actiongeladene Gratis-Spiele wie Armored Warfare und World of Warships . The Doppelrohr-Kasemattpanzer Versuchsträger VT1-2 is a gift rank VI German tank destroyer with a battle rating of 8.3 (AB/RB/SB). 4/5 Sterne. In addition, the secondary cannon has a good reload rate of around 5 sec, thus it can be used to defeat light tanks and SPAA without wasting the precious 128 mm ammo for more heavily armoured targets. All rights reserved. Though Hitler and his peers saw it with much favour, Heinz Guderian criticised the Maus design because there was a lack of machine guns, thus it was extremely vulnerable to infantry attacks at close-quarters for the same reason as the Ferdinand tank destroyer. Suspension wheels are 15 mm thick and tracks are 20 mm thick. The VT1-2 excels when it comes to acceleration, high speed and low profile. War Thunder 1.79 "Project X" Deutsch: Das kostenlose Actionspiel "War Thunder" ist ein "Massively Multiplayer Online Game" (MMO), dessen Handlung im Zweiten Weltkrieg angesiedelt ist. The unusual layout of the “casemate” tank type had several advantages: the possibility of installing two cannons at once, increased protection due to low silhouette and enhanced protection in the hull front profile and also increased mobility due to a reduced weight compared to traditional tanks. Here they determine the Maus was definitely too heavy for any bridges in existence so the Maus would ford rivers with a snorkel. Speed on the vehicle is roughly 20 km/h. Versus heavy tanks, the Maus has all the advantages. An experimental super-heavy tank built in Germany towards the end of the war. Versus medium tanks, the Panzerkampfwagen VIII can fight in CQC with its great turret rotation speed, but at the cost of exposing the side armour and getting flanked, this should be kept as one's last and or only option. The weight of the tank meant that the power-to-weight ratio was extremely poor, resulting in the Maus' ideal speed of about 8 miles per hour maximum in ideal conditions. Auch für Einsteiger geeignet. On the second VT1-2, two 120 mm calibre smoothbore cannons were used - the left cannon mounted with an automatic loader mechanism. Distance is the ally of the Maus, which should be easy to do considering that the top speed is 20 kph. This monster of a tank started development in 1942 on the suggestion of Ferdinand Porsche to Hitler, which was approved. Viele Flugzeuge und Panzer. The Pz.Kpfw. The VT1-2 also has one of the fast hull traverse rates and can reach the speeds of 70 km/h in a matter of seconds. Work would be divided between Krupp and Alkett for the production of the machine. Tests carried out by several NATO block countries, but they all left the project one by one and in 1985, Germany itself refused further development in favour of developing the Leopard 2 which was created according to a classic tank scheme. War Thunder. The sheer mass of the vehicle and its speed makes the mobility difference from the road to off-road negligible. Contra. The weapon was tested at the Meppen training ground. The vehicle was to also have a 128 mm KwK 44 main gun with a 75 mm KwK 44 gun as a coaxial. Just quickly angle the Maus (both turret and hull!) The Doppelrohr-Kasemattpanzer Versuchsträger VT1-2 is a gift rank VI German tank destroyer If the VT1-2 pitches up or down too much its top speed and manoeuvrability is significantly reduced, so it is recommended that the be lowered up to a point where speed and manoeuvrability is not negatively reduced to maximise gun depression and mobility. The fixed prototype was sent back to the Soviet Union for testing and arrive on May 4, 1946. The VT1-2 has essentially no armour. The turret was even thicker at 240 mm on the front and 200 mm on the sides and rear. War Thunder . © 2010—2020 by Gaijin Entertainment. … The second prototype had the entire hull damaged as there was ammunition still in the tank when the charges went off, but the turret was mostly intact., Armour on the Maus is quite complex, and definitely does not end with the above-mentioned values, Gun mantlet is 240 mm thick and nicely rounded, right around both guns the armour is 300 mm thick, Tracks at the front are protected by 100+60 mm plates (100mm basic plate + attached tracks), Behind the frontal upper plate on deck armour, there are many 60mm highly sloped plates of armour, protecting the engine vents and turret ring from HEAT/HE shells and some small-calibre fire, Frontal part of the belly is also 100 mm thick (Would be probably good against mines/other explosives), the rest is 50mm, Deck armour in front of these plates is also strengthened to an impressive 100 mm, Side armour is split to two parts, top with 180 mm and bottom with 100 mm + tracks, Even inside the tank there is armour - there are many 20 mm plates inside the tank, separating crew compartments from various modules, and partially protecting the interior from shrapnel that penetrated the tank from other areas, One plate is at the rear of the tank, between the enormous transmission and the fighting compartment, Second one is more to the front, separating fighting compartment from the middle-mounted Engine and its radiators, Third is in the front between the driver's compartment and the Engine, Around the driver there are many more 20 mm plates, adding some protection to Fuel Tanks located there, Capable of soaking a large amount of damage, Nigh invulnerable to arty and large HE shells, Surprisingly good off-road manoeuvrability, Secondary 75 mm coaxial cannon to use when 128 mm is not necessary, Turns pretty well in high gear movement or in neutral steer, Turret sides are strong as, if not stronger than, the front of the turret, Very slow, though still faster than the T28/95, Requires good teamwork to perform adequately, The sides of the Maus is littered with ammo racks, Very loud engine, players with 3D sound will be able to locate the Maus just by listening for the engine, Vulnerable at all ranges to end rank American and Russian tanks using Sabot and HEAT rounds, Extremely heavy, makes towing near impossible unless it is another Maus, Resilient to bombs, but a large bomb will still have a high chance to destroy the Maus, Optics have little zoom capability, difficult hitting long range targets. The Pz.Kpfw. Once this is done, the prototype was sent to Kubinka Tank museum where it lays today on display for the public. FAQ. and turn it almost invincible heat shells can still penetrate the angled turret, be advised. In July 1944, Krupp was producing four more hulls, but these were scrapped and the whole project stopped on August 1944, though tests with the V2 continued. Both prototypes were tested in Kummersdorf, but no reliable information on these tests is available. Since the left barrel reloads at a constant 5 second rate and the right barrel in around 7 seconds, you can fire 3 shots within 5 seconds (left, right, left again) in the first engagement which lets you easily correct any error in distance estimation and/or finish off immobilized tanks. Be aware of guided missiles from helicopters on open maps. It was introduced in Update 1.47 "Big Guns" as a main tree vehicle, however as of Update 1.91 "Night Vision" it was shifted to become a gift vehicle for players who previously owned it. This area is very lightly armoured just like the sides, so close range engagements with your sides exposed is not recommended. The vehicle can actually turn pretty fast once at Gear 6, which is better than the Jagdtiger and some other Rank V heavy counterparts. After World War II, the Soviet Commander of Armoured and Mechanized troops ordered for the V1 hull to be attached with the turret from the V2 prototype. The turret was installed on the 205/1 prototype on July 6, 1944, and on October 3, 1944 the armament was installed and the fully-outfitted tank was tested at the training ground in Kummersdorf. KwK44 has the second best penetration value of any APHE shell in-game surpassed only by the 130 mm on the IS-7. with a battle rating of 8.3 (AB/RB/SB). Adding to this, by 1944, the Red Army was advancing deeper and deeper into what was previously German-controlled territory. The vision that the Red Army might capture the testing grounds of the Maus prototypes and the prototypes themselves seem to come closer to reality. On the Maus, everything is bigger. Auch für Einsteiger geeignet. However, the Maus was never fully produced because it was the only tank that seized production because of a strategic bombing campaign that would ruin its production facilities. This page was last edited on 18 April 2020, at 17:44. Skins and camouflages for the Maus from Viele Flugzeuge und Panzer. The Panzerkampfwagen Maus can currently be viewed on display at the tank museum in Kubinka. About This Game War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game for Windows, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War… The Fw 190 A-4 is a rank II German fighter with a battle rating of 4.3 (AB/RB) and 4.0 (SB). Whether or not experimental firing was conducted is also unknown. The Maus has a suspension design with 24 wheels on each side, 2 per bogie with two bogies side by side and six bogies lining up from front and back. It is important to protect the back armour on the Maus and to make sure it does not get outflanked. Promo-Code. Not to mention the type of shells the VT1-2 possess, in this case the DM12 HEAT-FS which has 480 mm of penetration. VIII Maus is a rank V German heavy tank with a battle rating of 8.0 (AB) and 7.7 (RB/SB). The project for an experimental turretless tank was started for development in Germany in the early 70’s as part of the replacement program for the Leopard 1. About This Game War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game for Windows, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War. Unterschiedliche Spielmodi. It was introduced during Update 1.91 "Night Vision" as a reward for the Operation Shipyard event. The 128 mm is a great gun in-game, very accurate and perfect for mid to long range engagements. The VT1-2 was the outcome of a project envisioned to create a successor for the Leopard 1. The armour was perhaps the most defining feature at 220 mm thick at the hull front, the sides and rear were 190 mm thick. The tanks that pose a threat are the M103, the M48, the Chinese T-62, and especially the BMPs, and the Object 120, basically every tank that has got HEAT-FS, ATGM, and the APFSDS that can penetrate more than 320mm of armor. Unterschiedliche Spielmodi. In November, 1943 a 44 caliber, 128mm KwK 44 cannon was built that was intended for the tank. -From: Devblog - Operation "Shipyard": VT1-2 - Doppelrohr-Kasemattpanzer. Furthermore, if you have sniped 2+ enemies, the revenge plane is a common sight and you are an easy target for them unless you change position and move into a forest or populated area. When loading ammo on a capture point, the left ammo rack is fully loaded first, then the right ammo rack. The first VT1-1 prototype was placed on a shortened chassis and was equipped with two 105mm rifled cannons with manual loading. with a battle rating of 8.0 (AB) and 7.7 (RB/SB). It was introduced during Update 1.91 "Night Vision"as a reward for the Operation Shipyard event. The Maus can be a menace in the battlefield and conversely also a bullet magnet, a double-edged sword that must be played correctly or else fall victim to heavy enemy fire. In War Thunder, these vehicle types are either not found on the battlefield or as latter only on certain maps. Soviet specialists were able to reconstruct one Maus from the wreckage. 1 2 The second prototype called V2 by Alkett again had the first produced Maus turret attached with the 128 mm gun, coaxial 75 mm gun, and coaxial machine gun. As the Soviet troops were approaching in 1945 both prototypes were blown up. Preferable used at long range and choke points. Best used as an armoured beast able to destroy vehicles and take any shot. The dual guns do great damage, however, against high-rank tanks it is best to use the 128 mm main gun. Galactic Standards Mit Geschenkkarte bezahlen Raumschiffe Premium-Lizenz Sonderangebote . It was then approved for production and 150 of them were to be built. [Historical] Panzerkampfwagen VIII "Maus". Both of these prototypes used a number of parts and assemblies from the European “long-term production” experimental KPz-70. War Thunder kannst du kostenlos auf dem Windows-PC, Mac, Linux oder der PS4 spielen. "Würger" is the German nickname of this beast of a plane, or in English, … War Thunder ist ein besonders Action-geladenes Free2Play-Spiel, aber es ist nicht allein auf dem weiten Schlachtfeld des World Wide Web. Contra. Pro. Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example: © 2010—2020 by Gaijin Entertainment. Benutzeroberfläche teils unübersichtlich. 10 mm structural steel located behind ammunition racks. War Thunder kannst du kostenlos auf dem Windows-PC, Mac, Linux oder der PS4 spielen. Its main focus was on the importance of firepower and speed, hence the dual Rheinmetall L44 (120 mm)cannons and non-existent armour. The VT1-2 was the outcome of a project envisioned to create a successor for the Leopard 1. The first trial run of the Type 205/1 tank was conducted on December 24, 1943. This page was last edited on 18 November 2020, at 16:33. Flieger die nix kosten gegen ne Flak die beim zerstört werden 18k abzieht aber vom Verdienst her beim Abschuss von Fugzeugen nicht wirklich viel rumkommt - seems legit. Twin 120 mm cannons are unrivalled at its rank: HEAT-FS and APFSDS can penetrate almost any tank it encounters, One cannon is equipped with an autoloader, Due to the gun layout, the VT1-2 can position itself to fire one cannon while the other is behind cover, Thin, mild steel armour cannot resist anything resembling anti-tank fire, 3 crew members are grouped together in the front of the tank, poor survivability, Cannons cannot traverse horizontally, hull aiming mechanic must be used for precise fire, No machine guns for fending off aircraft, highly vulnerable to air attack, No access to smoke grenades/shells/systems, Due to hull aiming, the hull tends to roll back or forward depending on terrain. One of its features is the ability to adjust its suspension to allow it to change only its pitch (i.e lower the front and raise the back or vice versa), the height and roll cannot be adjusted. Langsamer Fortschritt ohne Premium. It was introduced in Update 1.43. Sonderangebote Golden Eagles Mit Geschenkkarte bezahlen Fahrzeuge Premium-Konto Soundtrack. This rebuilt tank was delivered to the training ground in Kubinka in 1946, where various tests were performed. With only 50 mm at the front, most incoming fire at its battle rating will result in the tank being potentially rendered useless or destroyed. The Maus is the definitive tank of heavy armourin Rank V and is the largest ground vehicle in game. 9, the largest half-track vehicles produced by Germany, to move the 55-ton turret to the hull. The prototype turned out to be quite maneuverable once it was able to leave the assembly area, where it had been rather cramped. you stay behind cover/concealment and scan the area using binoculars and/or the third-person view and then only moving into firing position when the coast is clear. The turret still wasn't ready, so a load equal to the weight of the turret was placed on top of the tank. Try angling the front drive wheel at the enemy tank and turn the turret so that the armour is at ~45 degrees to the enemy fire. The Maus is the definitive tank of heavy armour in Rank V and is the largest ground vehicle in game. 10 mm structural steel located on the right side of the auto-loader rack. The Germans were forced to destroy the prototypes to prevent their capture by the Soviets, placing charges onto the V2 prototype (the V1 was only a hull so it wasn't combat-effective). The "Maus" lives up to its reputation as a mobile bunker. The first tank was assembled at the Alkett factory in Berlin on August 1, 1943. The tank is easily destroyed and should be played as if it was a glass cannon, i.e. Two prototypes of the Maus were made in 1943 and 1944. If you see helicopters, you might need to change plans and hide. Wings of Prey . Damage wise the 128 mm PzGr.43 is equivalent to the 122 mm BR-471 of the D-25T, where penetration usually means a knock-out. The name changed in December 1942 to Mäuschen (Little Mouse), then once more to the Maus (Mouse) in February 1943, which stayed as its designation (and perhaps proving that Germany does have a sense of humour). The first one, called V1 was turretless and assembled by Alkett in December 1943, it was fitted with a mock turret that helped finalise the turret design in 1944.


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